ACT / SAT Preparation

When do you use a semi colon?

How do you solve for the cosecant of angle A?

How can you actually finish the reading section? 

How do you interpret scientific graphs and charts?

Boost your score with just a few tutorials by working with Dr. Eden Rue! Her unique approach is to teach test strategies coupled with knowledge of the material presented in each subject. This empowering combination has proven very effective at boosting self-confidence and improving test results.  Dr. Rue was a beloved University Chemistry Professor who placed her career on hold while she raises her two young sons. She now focuses on coaching for the ACT and SAT and general subject tutoring.  


ACT and SAT Package Prep Courses consist of five concentrated private one hour sessions. In addition, they include a personal follow-up email with a synopsis of your progress and insights Dr. Rue has into boosting your score after each meeting, and a final overall list of personalized tips and strategies you covered for review. The first meeting will include overall “big-picture strategies” (pacing, guessing and scoring, etc.) and strategies tailored specifically for you for each of the sections. In the subsequent four meetings, she will cover a section per session (unless a particular focus is needed), followed by a review of content and strategies discussed throughout the prep course.  Dr. Rue’s approach is not “one-size fits all”; she suggests particular strategies for you based on what she sees and hears as you solve problems in your meetings. She covers the vast content of each subject to make sure you are familiar with the material commonly tested. She asks that you work outside of your time together, by taking practice tests to try the things you are learning and to get more familiar with the format and types of questions asked. “Time in = Score out"!             

Individual  Power Sessions for ACT and SAT prep are available and include a personal follow-up email with a synopsis of what was covered and a review of insights Dr. Rue has into improving your score.             

General Tutoring Sessions for math, science, Spanish, or overall academic organization are available upon request.              

Custom Private and Group Packages are available upon request.

For Students outside the Monterey Peninsula, phone and Skype “tele-tutoring” are available and effective

Pricing:  Please contact Dr. Rue by email or phone (831)-566-0193 to discuss fees and terms of services.

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